Acupuncture is already well-known for helping people quit smoking. This treatment is thought to have originated in ancient China as early as 3000 BC, is now commonly used for a variety of medical and therapeutic applications. It has also been shown to be effective in treating drug addiction and persistent smoking.

Currently, a variety of smoking cessation drugs and therapies are on the market. Acupuncture, on the other hand, is a recommended alternative method, particularly if other treatments have failed. Placing needles strategically in various places of the body is intended to heal the ailment on a deeper and emotional level. The physiological and psychological addiction to smoking must be broken, necessitating a more comprehensive therapeutic strategy.

Stop Smoking With Acupuncture

How Does Acupuncture Help to Break Free from Addiction?

The needles are frequently placed behind the ear or on the cartilage of the ear. The relaxing impact occurs here, which reduces the patient's desire for additional cigarettes. When people are agitated, bored, or depressed, they are more likely to pick up a nicotine stick. Needles are frequently put into the hands and wrists to help the body's energy flow more smoothly. A person's desire to relax will cause them to contemplate lighting another cigarette.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that this treatment can assist a person in better managing withdrawal symptoms. This complementary medicine improves pain and discomfort tolerance while quitting smoking. Nausea, palpitations, and dizziness are common withdrawal symptoms, ranging from moderate to severe. These similar circumstances frequently lead to a person's resumption of smoking habits.

In a cigarette, nicotine is the addictive and dangerous ingredient. Most smokers find quitting tough because of this chemical. Nicotine binds to pleasure centres in the brain, making it difficult to quit. A smoker will become unhappy and uneasy if they do not receive a consistent supply of this drug.

Acupuncture patients claim that cigarettes are no longer as appealing or fulfilling as they once were. In addition, smoking would frequently leave an unpleasant taste on their lips, causing people to give up the habit. Some patients would eat mints or lozenges to get rid of the horrible aftertaste.

According to qualified practitioners, approximately 7 out of 10 smokers will be able to quit after two or three weeks successfully. While some may not be able to give up smoking completely, these smokers will be able to reduce their cigarette use considerably.

Acupuncture Treatment by Professionals

A consultation with a qualified acupuncturist is critical for a patient. An expert will provide a more personalised service for the patient, as well as further counselling. Acupuncturists may also recommend herbal medications to help patients quit smoking.

Filiform needles implanted into precise places on the ear cartilage, as well as the palms and wrists, are used during treatment. The average process takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The needles in the ear and wrist can be used with body acupuncture. A mild electric current may be used by an acupuncturist to improve the effectiveness of the needles.

The lack of side effects before and after treatment is the most significant feature of this old Oriental therapy. Acupuncture does not use chemically generated ingredients like smoking cessation drugs or nicotine replacement therapy products do. There is also no risk of weight gain during treatment. It can help a patient quit smoking while also reducing food cravings through appetite suppression.

Acupuncture is a treatment where the practitioner inserts needles into the skin. It's a type of holistic medicine used to prevent and treat diseases, reduce pain, and prepare people for surgery. According to research, this practice dates back over 5,000 years and originated in China.

The first account of this can be found in the book Nei Jing, which translates as the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine in English. Around 200 BC, the contents of this book were written. They used stone needles, moxibustion, and herbs to heal patients back then instead of metal needles.

Acupuncture is a treatment that involves inserting very fine needles into the skin at specific anatomical sites on the body to prevent and treat ailments.

This thought is the foundation of this concept is that sicknesses emerge when your life energy, also known as Qi, is out of balance. This is thought to flow along 14 meridians in the human body that branch out to various physiological organs and functions. You will succumb to a disease or illness if any of them are blocked or obstructed.The Effectiveness Of Acupuncture

Because of Yin and Yang, Qi can be imbalanced in one direction or the other. A person can only be normal if the two are in balance, which is what acupuncture aims to achieve. Only by stimulating these acupuncture points can your Qi be adjusted, balanced, and harmonised, and this can be restored.

If you've tried everything else and still can't quit smoking, it's time to look into acupuncture as an option. There's no reason you won't be nicotine-free in no time if you find the proper practitioner and adopt the right mindset.

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